I understand this handbook contains information regarding Oral Roberts University's (ORU) employment policies and benefits for employees, faculty and staff. I acknowledge that the contents of this handbook are informational only, not conditions of continued employment.

I acknowledge ORU reserves the right to modify, revoke, suspend, or terminate any or all of the policies and benefits contained in the handbook. I acknowledge ORU subscribes to the doctrine of "employment at-will" for nonacademic employees and that the handbook does not create an employment contract with ORU. Employment at-will means either I or ORU may terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or notice.

I have been given access to the "Oral Roberts University Employee Handbook" that is located on ORU's Faculty and Staff website. I understand that I am required to review the Employee Handbook during my first week of employment to become acquainted with ORU's work environment and to understand ORU's University policies and procedures. I acknowledge that I am responsible for abiding by all University policies and procedures.

As described in the Employee Handbook, during my employment and upon termination of my employment (either voluntarily or involuntarily), I hereby agree and authorize ORU to deduct from my paycheck money owed to the University or the monetary value of any unreturned or damaged ORU property. If the amount of my paycheck is not sufficient to satisfy my financial obligations to ORU, I agree, that upon request by ORU, I will pay any remaining balance owed to ORU in either cash or money order.


Contact Human Resources (ext. 7163) if you have forgotten your VISION "PIN" (Personal Identification Number).